Frequently Asked Questions


What if I want to stay before or after the program for a few days?+

NOCP strongly encourages that you arrive and depart on the designated dates specified by your program. If you must stay for any additional days/nights before or after the program, NOCP will charge $20 a day for lodging. Meals will not be provided.

What if I’m outside the age of acceptable applicants for NOCP? +

If you are a few years older you are still welcome to apply. If you are younger than 16 you will need to submit a reference of either your local pastor or leader that knows you well and can vouch for your level of maturity.

What does the program cost include?+

The program cost covers boating, fishing, staff, food, accommodation and class expenses. NOT INCLUDED are fishing license/stamp, airfare and rain gear.

What should I bring? +

Click HERE for a packing list of what to bring!

What kind of weather should I expect during the program? +

Kodiak Island is warm in the summer months with average temperatures around 60℉ during the day with occasional rain and drizzle. When on the ocean the temperatures are 10-20 degrees colder than on land. Make sure to pack warm and waterproof clothing.

Are there rain gear and rain boots available to use in Kodiak? +

There are some rain gear and boots available for rent ($10) from the program, but there are limited amounts and sizes so it’s first come first serve upon arrival. You can purchase rain gear locally from stores if needed.

Can friends outside of the Unification Church community attend with me? +

Any youth and young adult are welcome as long as they agree to follow the code of conduct and are comfortable and aware of our movement’s teachings and traditions. Within the program we talk about True Parents and Divine Principle content.

Will I be able to take fish home with me? +

We try our best to make sure participants can take a 25lb box of professionally frozen fish home with them. How successful the fishing is during the program will determine how much fish each participant can take home. International participants may not be able to check fish boxes as luggage due to long flights.

Why is the cost for 2019 more than the usual 21-day programs in the past? +

NOCP’s goal is to become a sustainable program. In the past the costs and expenses were lower and most of the staff were volunteers, paying their own travel expenses. NOCP staff fundraised to reduce the cost to participants tremendously. The true cost for a 21-day program is approximately $4250 for one participant, not including the boat maintenance and repairs.