NOCP was an incredible opportunity to push past physical limitations, feel God’s love through the ocean, and understand True Parents heart on a deeper level.
A great program to find yourself, form a relationship with god, and make new friends.
I was taught that perseverance and determination are some key factors on the ocean when trying to overcome obstacles. Always prepare for more than what you expect. Finally I learned that God is always with me whereever I go, even if I can’t see him. He’ll come when you need him most.
NOCP was one of the best experiences I had in my life and has an atmosphere that can’t be compared to anywhere else.
NOCP was a unique program like no other and I believe everyone brother and sister should be able to exprience something like Ocean Challenge.
An amazing coupling of nature, spirituality, and fishing.
Difficult and challenging, but very worth it.
NOCP was a great experience to give me a direction for what I would like to do later in life.
I got so much more than just ocean fishing. Of course ocean fishing was incredibly fun, but I also received a lot of love from the NOCP community and experienced spiritual connection and growth.