Raising Funds

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Looking for extra funds? Let us help you get creative!

As a character and leadership training program, we encourage you to be creative in how you raise the funds to come to NOCP this summer! We also believe that the more you actively invest in securing these funds, the greater your experience at NOCP will be.


Here are some suggestions for ways to personally generate financial support:

  • Write out your own purpose statement for coming to NOCP:
    • Donors are most inspired to support you when you have a clear purpose for attending and can share how you hope to use your experience to benefit others.
    • Share the purpose of NOCP, the details of the program, and our website
  • Ask for support from people you know:
    • Create a Go Fund Me campaign and invite friends and family to support your trip
    • Approach your local Pastor and church community for support
    • Approach older brothers and sisters in your community who would be excited to support this opportunity for you
  • Ask for support from people you don’t know (yet):
    • Ask local business owners to support your trip. (Think sporting store, tackle or outdoor gear shop, or your favorite mom and pop restaurant.) Local businesses are looking for awesome opportunities to donate to! Here’s a flyer you can print and share. (PS. Last year, Lukas Bercy approached a local business which was selling slightly used fishing rods, but after sharing about the program, the owner was so inspired he donated $4,000 worth of rods to NOCP!)
    • Look for grants and scholarships being offered by your local community


With the support of several generous donations, NOCP is able to offer a limited number of scholarships to support participants in attending. The maximum scholarship amount awarded is $500.

Please fill out the scholarship application below after you have received your acceptance letter from NOCP. Our staff will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible!

Questions can be directed to nocpkodiak@gmail.com.